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Modern Promenade Resort by BGD Architects in Australia

Promenade residence is located in Queensland, Australia and this beautiful house is designed by BGD Architects. The house has been designed as resort and sufficient for family of four persons. This residence is different from others from every point and it provides new sense of architecture to the person, who wants to construct their own house. The excessive glass work gives sufficient light and air with waterfront gives attractive look to house. The ground floor comprising of living and bedroom with attached bathrooms. The living area has high roofs which gives lights and sufficient air for sense of freshness.

The whole structure of house gives attractive and sensible feeling of designer and the owner of the house. The arrangement of light makes it like a lantern at night and creates romantic atmosphere in the dining room. The second floor of house consists of bedrooms and spacious playroom for kids. Light colors are used in the inner side to make it decent and superb. Brass frame with glass work adds beauty and elegance to the house. Green lawn with evergreen plants planted in lawn or placed in the inner side adds its grandeur. Water tank on front side is really and tremendous addition in the beauty of the house.