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Wooden House Design Ray Dwyer

This is a wonderful wood house designs Vivian Dwyer and Dwyer Design is a beautiful tree with a miracle of nature at every turn. Originally built in 1960 by Daniel Lieberman (who is an apprentice with Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West) 1000-sq .- ft. Ray House was renovated by Dwyer in order to add modern elements in the house otherwise earthy. Trying to get this natural design of the house were covered with a kitchen re-design of concrete floors renovated, wooden beams, metal pipes and brick walls with clean and fresh plaster. The back of your house you will find a bedroom and a place for a combination of swimming, powder room and a separate dressing area. True to its name, Radius House has a circular plan with living areas radiate outward. We love the beautiful stone fireplace, and built luxury bath attracts its earthy. No matter where you are in this house, each room offers a breathtaking view of the giant Redwood forest outside.

The addition of floor to ceiling glass walls, skylights flood the house in the center of your home with natural light, giving it a warm natural light. Dwyer Design.